How to use Trello to Create a Resource Library for Your Team

Create Resources for your team on Trello

Hey Managers – Are your documents all over the place?

Say Hello to Trello!

Let’s say I just love business tools that make life easier and for me – discovering Trello a few years ago made all the difference to the way we now organise our staff resource library. Most people are already familiar with Trello and use it to plan personal projects, however, it can be just as powerful to use for organising things at work.

What is Trello?

Trello for small business Trello is a powerful project management tool made up of boards, lists and cards. What is great about Trello is the visual layout of each board. This makes it easy for everyone to scan each board’s contents quickly to find what they’re looking for. You can create as many “Boards” as you need and then as many lists as you want per board. Under each list you then add cards as needed. The best thing about cards is that you can add attachments (files, videos, links) checklists, due dates and more. Meaning you can house a complete library of resources on a single card.

Each card can be dedicated to a simple task with all instructions. e,g “How to clean the floor”

The uses for this app in business are almost endless and only limited by your imagination.😊

You can use it:

  • As a task management tool – list all the daily tasks you need to get done and move them to the “Completed” list when you’re done
  • To create a task board for every member of your team
  • As a library of resources for your team – Attach important policies and procedures, organise and label them by category for easy access
  • To create a complete “How to do” list for every task performed in your business. This makes it easy for everyone to do things as instructed and onboard new team members quickly
  • Showcase or introduce new products or services your business is offering
  • Plan out your Social Media content by week or month
  • Plan out a new business project
  • Create a Training schedule for a new employee and track their progress through the onboarding period
  • Organise and plan a business or team event and more …..

Trello can be used for any type of business whether you’re a product business, a service business or any other type of business really

How to set up a Trello Account

You can set up a Free Trello account to get you started. Simply sign up at trello.com with your main business email and you can use the Free account for as long as you need. There are of course limitations as there always is with any free platform however it’s certainly enough to get you started and become familiar with how it all works. Furthermore – you can totally do any of the above-mentioned things with only one main user however if you want to add others to your team, then you will need to pay a monthly fee per user. Likewise, you don’t need to have more users if you’re not planning to use it interactively. It has great use as a visual billboard for all your team to access on any work computer. You can keep each computer permanently logged into the account so you don’t risk sharing your password. Because when a team member leaves as you don’t want any of your IP ending up in someone else’s hands! I do however recommend that once you’ve tried it out and are happy with it to upgrade to the paid plan for ONE user. With the current plan for a single user being only around $10 per month – it’s totally worth it for the extra features.

Learning how to Use Trello

Trello is simple to learn and the Trello blog has some great resources to help you. It also has loads of ideas on how you can use Trello in your business.

Trello coaching social   If you haven’t checked out Trello yet – go take a look.

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