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Is disorganisation driving your business under?

Small business management is hard.

There are clients to serve, staff to manage, mountains of paperwork.

You’re working longer and longer hours, but feeling more stressed.

And just when you think you’re on top of things, something changes.

You know things are not sustainable.

Either your business will fall over – or you will.

But there is a solution.

I can help.

Experienced business owner and mentor

Easy to follow lessons

Customisable templates

Self paced

Simple steps to take you from Chaos to Consistency

Having clear, workable systems is the foundation for business success.

In this 6-week, affordable course, you’ll get the skills and resources to help you organise your workplace.

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Imagine having an organised workplace

Your team works productively to the expected standards.

You have detailed job descriptions with key performance indicators for every team member.

Your products and services are delivered seamlessly, to consistent standards creating positive client experiences.

You have clearly documented processes for all activities that everyone understands.

You have more free time to work on building your business instead of putting out fires.

It might sounds like a dream, but with the Chaos to Consistency Roadmap, we’ll make it a reality.

Make it easy to get results for you, your customers and your business.

What’s included?

This mini course takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a simple but effective onboarding plan.

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step-by-step video lessons

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Document templates



Step-by-step roadmap

Document templates


Wondering if Chaos to Consistency if for you?

I’ve specifically designed my resources to support:

  • Owner-operated service based businesses
  • Managers of small to medium businesses
  • CEOs who employ a team
new staff onboarding

This course is not for everyone

If you’re a corporate business manager, my courses are unlikely to address your needs. Your structures are likely to be more complex, you have more resources and probably operate differently to a typical small or medium business.

My content is best suited to managers with a team rather than solopreneurs.

Your Investment

This mini course is self guided and always open.
Price displayed is GST inclusive.

Bonus Mini-Course

By signing up for the Chaos to Consistency Roadmap, you’ll also get the Onboarding Made Easy course to help you grow your team.

Onboarding Made Easy Course

Isn’t it time your business started thriving?

You might wonder if you have time to invest in training.
But if not now, when?
The sooner you get the skills and resources to help you onboard staff, the sooner you can take your business from barely surviving to thriving.

Frequently asked questions

Still wondering if Chaos to Consistency is right for you?
Here’s some answers to questions you might have.

Do you offer in-person training?

No. My goal is to empower YOU with the skills and knowledge to manage a successful business through group and self-study programs.

Do I need to be in Australia?

Not at all. My programs are based on universally proven business principles which can work for any business regardless of location.

I’m just starting out as a solo business owner. Will this suit me?

My programs are best suited to businesses which already have a team. However, if your goal is to hire assistants in the future, then my Onboarding and Systems training could give you a valuable head start to growing your business.

I have a retail business. Is this course right for me?

While I’ve never worked in a retail business, the foundational principles I cover in my programs apply to all businesses.

Do you offer one-on-one coaching?

I don’t offer 1 to 1 coaching, as I believe true transformation happens in a group coaching environment where we draw on the experiences and input of others.

Will you design specific systems for my business?

No. My goal is to make YOU the hero of the journey, by empowering you with the skills and knowledge to confidently make changes in the future.

Why are your courses so cheap?

That’s because they’re based on a DIY model with some support, which is cheaper than employing a consultant to help you.

new staff onboarding

Say goodbye to chaos and overwhelm

Imagine what it will feel like when you have simple systems, streamlined processes, and a sensible structure in your business.

Imagine how you’ll feel arriving at work each day, knowing what you need to do and how you need to do it.

The fine print

The advice in the training videos and templates is general.
My goal is to empower YOU with the skills and knowledge that you can apply to your business

Your Investment

This mini course is self guided and always open.
Price displayed is GST inclusive.

Ready to swap stress and overwhelm for success and opportunity?